Hillsman enriches the visitor experience with stimulating civic environments that nurture curiosity, passion, and diverse community. Our team of experts preserves libraries, courthouses, community centers, health clinics, government offices and cultural facilities by establishing the permanency and importance of these buildings.

Our design process reflects the identity and needs of a community fueling interaction, collaboration, exploration and research. Our clients benefit from our conceptual and strategic thinking about interior design that enhances the overall experience among government officials and citizens.


Hillsman redefines the employee and visitor experience with dynamic corporate spaces that encourage collaboration, innovation and culture. Our team of experts elevates startups and industry leader companies by melding high-performance work environments, functionality, and maximizing capital investments.

Our design process identifies and implements sustainable design objectives, enabling us to create facilities that embrace the clients brand, mission, and vision. Our clients benefit from our forward-thinking and functional interiors. Our innovative technology yields greater productivity and progressive designs that leave a lasting impression.


Hillsman personalizes the patient experience with constantly changing healthcare spaces that embrace, comfort and rejuvenate. Our team of experts maintains the client's vision and aspirations to create healing environments by merging forward thinking operational efficiencies, long-term durability and safety protocols, while maintaining a welcoming environment for the patient.

Our design process develops the project through stages that strengthen and refine the design. We partner with industry leaders to reshape facilities that build a culture of innovation. Our clients' benefit from an irreplaceable partner that crafts environments to forge strong patient-to-practitioner relationships and attracts higher qualified medical personnel.

Higher Education

Hillsman ignites the student and faculty experience with revolutionary higher education environments that inspire creativity, foster collaboration, and evoke a sense of community. Our team of experts transforms college and university facilities, including academic, research, recreation, athletic, arts, and student life by blending advanced technology, functionality, and timeless distinction.

Our design process develops the project through stages that strengthen, refine, and exceed the client's expectations. Our clients benefit from a progressive team of designers who enthusiastically embrace each new project. Our unique set of criteria and goals educate the emerging great thinkers of tomorrow and beyond.


Hillsman elevates the business and leisure traveler experience with memorable hospitality environments that attract, revitalize, and inspire. Our team of experts transforms hotel, resort, and food service environments by uniting functionality, comfort, appeal and financial success.

As we design, we put ourselves in the shoes of both our client and their guests to analyze the hospitality space from every angle. This part of the design process enables us to create facilities that serve the highest aspirations of guest experience and operational function. Our clients benefit from our comprehensive programming, efficient space planning, innovative interior and graphic design and infinite imagination.